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God is raising up new trendsetters who will start movements of miracles and manifestations of His glory. Trendsetters who are initiators and innovators. At Kingdom Builders Women Network, we are Trendsetters God is raising to soar like eagles.


About Us

Kingdom Builders Women’s Network (KBWN) is a growing community of innovative women. Women who are totally devoted to God. Women who are empowering women of all ages, backgrounds and denominations through the love & knowledge of Christ. At KBWN, our life consuming zeal is to connect and influence women with biblical insight that will help them grow and discover God’s unique plan for their lifes, their ministries, their families and their businesses.

KBWN has connected me with a handful of women who have helped mold me in to the Kingdom leader I am today. It has increased my faith by seeing the prayers of the women, answered. Through this ministry I witnessed the power of Prayers. Every time we prayed, we saw God answering those prayers and giving us testimonies.

Nedra Nicole Bryant Secretary, KBWN

Thank you, guys, for having me today. I have been so excited to join you guys. I love what this community is doing. I love what you are building. I know you guys are kingdom builders and just like hungry to see God in the land of the living. And it’s no small thing what you are doing in the way you are impacting the world. Thank you.

Carloa Practico At the 2020 KBWN Fall Conference

This group of women builds me up when I am down. They foster agape love and acceptance. Jesus and prayer is the foundation of my KBWN. I can call on them in the good times and not-so-good times and know that they're going to bring heaven on earth for me. We also have fun and laughter with one other. No one is left to feel they're alienated. It’s a circle of love

Candace Derrick Member, KBWN

When I’m real. When I’m authentic about my life. It sends a message to my friends to my community that if God can love Kirsty in spite of her flaws then maybe God can love me. When I pretend that my life is rosy all the time, I minimize the power of the Gospel and the glory of the Lord as He works through my life.

Kristy Emery At the 2020 KBWN Fall Conference

    Unlock your kingdom-building identity

    Do you sense a creative call of God on your life? Do you want to discover your mandate, mantle, and ministry? Do you want to become the kingdom woman God has designed you to be? Unlock your kingdom-building identity.

    Our leadership

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    Bisi Adeyeye

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    Yinka Olojede



    Yinka Olojede

    Pastor Yinka is the founderof the Kingdom Builders Women’s Network, (KBWN) which is a network that reaches beyond the four walls of the local church. Its purpose is to connect Christian women across all denominations, nations, and backgrounds and to empower them to grow and influence others. She regularly speaks at women’s conferences, retreats, and churches, preaching the word of God

    Need prayer? We are here for you

    Are you in difficult situation right now? Are you weak? Is your heart heavy? Is there trouble anywhere? We’d love to pray for you, your family or your friends. Take a moment now to send us your free prayer request. It’s an honour to pray for you.

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