Our Mission

Our Mission is simple: To empower women of all ages, backgrounds and denominations through the love & knowledge of Christ

Unlock Your Kingdom-building identity.

Do you sense a creative call of God on your life? Do you want to discover your mandate, mantle, and ministry? Do you want to become the kingdom woman God has designed you to be? Unlock your kingdom-building identity.

About Us

Kingdom Builders Women’s Network (KBWN) is a growing community of innovative women. Women who are totally devoted to God. Women who are empowering women of all ages, backgrounds and denominations through the love & knowledge of Christ.

At KBWN, our life consuming zeal is to connect and influence women with biblical insight that will help them grow and discover God’s unique plan for their lifes, their ministries, their families and their businesses.

Our Goals

1. To Encourage Women

To encourage women in their spiritual walk.

2. To Develope lasting freindship beyond denominations

To network and develop lasting Christian friendships beyond their local churches.

3. To be the connection bridge

To act as the bridge, connecting women to the source of their needs.

4. To be productive women

To become a productive citizen of the kingdom.